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The entire sector could connect to shape the world's energy future?

Through Enlit, we can.

The NEW unifying brand for POWERGEN Asia and Asian Utility Week.



Enlit Asia is an inclusive guide to the Southeast Asian energy transition.

From source to generation, from the grid to consumers, the boundaries of the sector are blurred and this evolution is shaped by established players, external intruders, innovative new companies and increasingly involved end users.

Enlit Asia, the new unifying brand for POWERGEN Asia and Asian Utility Week, will unite all these people to seize the opportunity now, highlight the future, and inspire a new generation to participate in the journey.

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Upcoming Webinar: The Rise of the C&I Buyer in Supporting ASEAN's Energy Transition | 11, June, 2PM (SGT)

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Join our panel of distinguished speakers for an interactive discussion examining the outlook for C&I power buyers’ shifting to RE, and the wider ASEAN energy transition. Topics include:

  • Examining RE use globally during the lockdown periods, what lessons have been learned?
  • ASEAN government reactions; will there be a “knee jerk” fall back to thermal power?
  • The rise of the importance of digital in the RE transition
  • Understanding the position of investors and financiers, how do they view the impact of COVID-19 on RE project development?
  • Are corporate sustainability targets still a priority or has the focus shifted?
  • Tools and solutions to still allow sustainability/energy transition journey
  • The role of RECs in supporting the drive towards renewable energy
  • What are the policy changes required to enable the transition and encourage more RECs deployment?





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AEO Awards

  • "We are honored to be a part of the innovation and collaboration that occurs during Enlit Asia. The event provides us the platform to connect and continue to drive our solutions in the region. The digital transformation occurring across the Southeast Asian region is characterized by a thorough and innovation-focused communications technology infrastructure."
    Bryan Spear
    Managing Director of Asia Pacific, Trilliant
  • "Enlit Asia talks about its vision to inspire the next generation to join the journey. This is in line with our own vision where Wärtsilä wants to lead the path towards a 100% renewable energy future. Wärtsilä wants to be part of this energy transition by being a thought leader at Enlit Asia 2020."
    Nicolas Leong
    Sales Director, Business Development South East Asia, Wärtsilä Energy Business


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