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Award Categories


This award is all-encompassing and will acknowledge innovation across the sector in technology, digital, financing mechanisms, and more, it is also open to the start-ups and disruptors shaking the sector’s status quo.

Transmission & Distribution Networks

This award includes project advances and technology developments driving ASEAN’s network infrastructure and could extend to power trading agreements, furthering the APG dream.

Power Utility of the Year

This category celebrates successful project completion, significant M&A activity, ground-breaking technology adoption, future strategy and sector leadership in driving a cleaner energy future, and other activity that has stood an IPP apart from its contemporaries in 2022-2023.

Power Plant Project of the Year

This award opens to any power plant, or service/technology provider, that has set itself apart from contemporaries through successful project completion, engineering upgrades, new or novel technology implementation or the application of environmental control technologies.

Renewable Energy & Sustainability

This category recognizes any renewable energy or hydrogen project that has been completed or reached a significant milestone, utilised RECs to drive RE adoption in the region, or a project that has successfully implemented reliable and sustainable power solutions utilising distributed energy technology and/or energy storage.

Smart Grid

This category recognizes outstanding smart grid projects across the region, regardless of scale, which showcase the implementation or highlights the specific advantages of new data-rich technologies allowing greater reliability, control, insight for utilities and customers.

Energy Storage

This award celebrates ground-breaking energy storage products and solutions, conventional battery technology or hydrogen etc., or is open to any project that has successfully implemented energy storage solutions that support the continued transition to a cleaner ASEAN power system.

Low Carbon Transport

This category includes any significant contribution to the development of efficient, cost-effective low carbon mobility solutions, or projects that have supported the development or growth of non-ICE transportation across the region.

Independent Power Producer of the Year

This category celebrates regional power utilities that have set themselves apart from their counterparts in delivering excellence beyond the everyday expectations of the business. This could relate to the setting and meeting of ambitious targets around customer delivery, successful project realisation, advancements in driving the net-zero agenda, or innovative technology adoption, among others.

ASEAN Electrification Project of the Year

This award highlights projects from across ASEAN that have supported the ongoing target of 100% electrification of the ASEAN population; celebrating the novel adoption of technology and adaptation to the environment that have electrified off-grid populations around the region.

Female Executive of the Year

This category opens to nominations of individuals who have made substantial contributions to the region’s power sector in 2023.

Male Executive of the Year

This award opens to nominations of individuals who have made substantial contributions to the region’s power sector in 2023.

Aside from bragging rights, award winners will be welcomed to the stage during the awards dinner, in front of a packed room of industry leaders from across the region.

Winners will receive significant exposure for your business in the build-up to (as a nominee) and during Enlit Asia & INED including interviews and inclusion in our event marketing collateral, combined with your own marketing initiatives.

We encourage lots of nominations from the market. This can be from vendors, utilities, IPPs, C&I customers, or indeed any group that has developed successful technology and business innovations.

Nominations are open to the public and we welcome multiple submissions across the categories. There is no restriction against nominating your own company, project, or executive and you can nominate a project across a number of categories.

Deadline: 15th September 2023



Any initiative, project, or plant that:

  • Has been completed, achieved a significant milestone or undergone overhaul or upgrade in 2022-2023
  • Is based in the ASEAN region (we make an exception for start-ups, so long as their product can be shown to be applicable to the regional market, ideally with an in-region case study)

For the Executive of the Year, these people must run a business whose primary focus is within ASEAN, though they do not have to sit in the region themselves.

Winners must have a senior executive available to attend the Power & Energy Awards dinner on 14 November 2023 in Jakarta.


How to Nominate

Please complete ONE nomination application for each category you are entering. If you wish to nominate for multiple categories, you must send in separate nominations for each. 

The Award criteria are deliberately broad to capture a wide variety of projects. Interpret them as you see fit with a focus on projects that are best of breed by virtue of their value to the stakeholders and industry. There are normally many partners involved in energy projects so list those who are relevant to your selected project.


Submission Requirement

For each nomination, please include:

  • Company name
  • Contact details of the main point of contact
  • The category for which you are submitting the nomination (one only category per submission, you can submit multiple times for different awards)
  • Business/Plant/Project/Executive name
  • 500-word write-up to include for example:
    • What was the purpose of the project?
    • What was achieved?
    • How does this set it apart from its competitors?
    • Who is the utility, IPP, or the customer?
    • What vendors if any are involved with this project?
    • You are welcome to include pictures or URL links for more details
    • Why should it be selected?


Don't forget to submit your nomination by 

15th September 2023!

For any inquiries on award nomination, please get in touch with our team at or call us at +65 6990 7330. We look forward to seeing your submission!

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