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Matthew Gleeson

Matthew Gleeson

Vice President. Energy Transition and Water Conservation, Oracle Energy and Water

Matt boasts an impressive 25-year tenure in the utility sector, where he has served as a pivotal consultant to Oracle's clientele and partners, driving energy business transformation and fostering innovation. His influence has been pivotal in steering through the waves of deregulation sweeping across Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas. Matt's collaborative efforts with customers and partners have been instrumental in optimizing outcomes across diverse domains, ranging from grid performance to heightened customer engagement.

His fervor lies in witnessing utilities harness their boundless potential to elevate customer experiences, fine-tune utility operations, and expedite decarbonization objectives. Matt's driving passions encompass:

• Fostering a forward-moving drive within utilities to initiate their journey towards a low-carbon energy future, while also embracing inventive methodologies for water conservation.

• Unleashing the true potential of AMI and grid data for energy enterprises, effecting meaningful change.

• Pioneering a novel energy company-consumer relationship that begets shared advantages, both financial and environmentally driven.

• Disrupting conventional power-planning paradigms by propounding alternatives like demand response and behavioral shifts. Using these innovative approaches to sidestep superfluous generation and greenhouse gas emissions.

• Forging a nexus among ESG, EV, and DER aspirations, seamlessly translating visionary ideals into pragmatic solutions for the ever-evolving energy landscape.

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