What is the Judging Process?

The process is 100% independent, impartial, and conducted with total transparency.

The decisions made by our judging panel are final. The judges can withhold awards in categories where a lack of activity as meant there were no eligible nominations.

The judges will consider each nomination on its own merit and from the longlist of publically nominated entries finalise a shortlist of 3-4 per category. This shortlist will then be voted on to determine the winners and runners-up.

What are some Judging Criteria?

The Judges will consider factors such as (but not limited to):

  • What milestones have been achieved?
  • What challenges were overcome?
  • What solutions were implemented and how have these contributed to the company’s business?
  • How have new technologies adopted improved financial performance and provided significant ROI?
  • What new or cutting-edge technology has been used, or how has existing technology been implemented in a novel way?
  • What are the criteria for project success, did the project/product/service meet its objectives and targets
  • What is the longevity of the project, is it future-proof and in line with the broader ASEAN energy strategy?

Submit your nomination by 16th August 2024!

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