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Episode 6: Interview with Daniel Mallo from Societe Generale


In this interview with Daniel Mallo, Head of Natural Resources & Infrastructure, Asia Pacific, Societe Generale, joins Simon for a general discussion about the state of the industry, the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on the power sector, the availability of capital and he shares with us where he sees the bright spots in the region’s power sector going forward.

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Episode 5: What You Need to Know About Australia’s Generator Compliance Obligations


In this interview with Peter Brown, New Zealand General Manager from PSC, we discuss the Australian generation market’s regulatory environment and explore Compliance Monitoring Programs, a mandatory requirement for all generation assets in Australia.

Download the full report from PSC HERE


Episode 4: Blockchain - An Enabler for New Business Models


In this interview with Maria Rossbander, Strategic Marketing, Innovation and Blockchain Expert, Siemens Energy, and Prof. Dr. Monika Sturm, Principal Key Expert in Digitalization, Siemens Energy, we discuss the potential for blockchain to positively impact Southeast Asia’s energy systems. Maria and Prof. Dr. Monika share with us examples and use cases of blockchain within the power and electricity sectors, its role in enabling distributed energy across ASEAN, how blockchain could change the way companies cooperate in the future and how will it make a difference to key players currently in the ASEAN market, the utilities and the consumers.


Episode 3: Interview with Yosapol Rathamarit from EGAT


In this interview with Yosapol Rathamarit, we discussed EGAT's current and future hydrogen aspirations. Watch the full interview to learn more.


Episode 2: Interview with Vincent Bakker from Positive Energy


In this interview with Vincent Bakker, we discussed about the Impact of COVID-19 on the Asian Renewable Energy Sector. Read Vincent’s insights into Positive Energy’s Industry Survey here & Find out more about Positive Energy and their platform.


Episode 1: Interview with Dr Allen Wang from IHS Markit


In this interview with Dr Allen Wang, we discussed about the latest version of IHS’s Energy & Natural Resources Insights publication, and his article, 'Assessing the Power Generation Fuel Mix of Southeast Asia for the Next Decade'.

Download the Insights Publication Here


Interview with Dr Sasha Savic from SS&A Power Group

Sasha Savic Interview

We recently interviewed Sasha Savic, CEO of SS&A Power Group as he talks about Covid-19 impacts the customers are facing, what the company is doing to help and other interesting industry-related topics. Download the interview to read more.

Download Here

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