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Interview with Yosapol Rathamarit from EGAT


In this interview with Yosapol Rathamarit, we discussed EGAT's current and future hydrogen aspirations. Watch the full interview to learn more.

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Interview with Dr Allen Wang from IHS Markit

In this interview with Dr Allen Wang, we discussed about the latest version of IHS’s Energy & Natural Resources Insights publication, and his article, 'Assessing the Power Generation Fuel Mix of Southeast Asia for the Next Decade'.

Download the Insights Publication Here

Interview with Vincent Bakker from Positive Energy

In this interview with Vincent Bakker, we discussed about the Impact of COVID-19 on the Asian Renewable Energy Sector. Read Vincent’s insights into Positive Energy’s Industry Survey here & Find out more about Positive Energy and their platform.


Interview with Dr Sasha Savic from SS&A Power Group
Sasha Savic Interview

We recently interviewed Sasha Savic, CEO of SS&A Power Group as he talks about Covid-19 impacts the customers are facing, what the company is doing to help and other interesting industry-related topics. Download the interview to read more.

Download Here

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