The Digital Power Plant Webinar

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How Digital Technologies Keep Power Generation Reliable in Times of Crisis

The panel discussed trends in digitalisation, and the impact this pandemic will have on future plans for such technologies, will it accelerate or decelerate investment?

Topics include:

  • Where specifically do the advantages lie for utilities and power plants in adopting digital technologies?
  • What role do smart technologies play in helping to keep essential services going during a crisis such as COVID-19? 
  • Will those further down their digitalisation journey have fared significantly better during these unprecedented times? Are there tangible economic returns on their investments?
  • Reducing human capital onsite during a crisis seems essential, however in some cases it can become a political decision, job creation vs. the commercial benefits of digitalisation; how do you approach?
  • Supply chains are strained at the moment how would digital asset management tools have supported businesses better at this time?

digital power plant webinar


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