PV InfoLink is a provider of solar PV market intelligence focusing on the PV supply chain. It provides the most up-to-date PV market information, supply & demand database, and market analysis and forecast. Its weekly spot price has become a key index for solar PV companies.

The firm also provides professional advice to firms to help them stay ahead of the competition in the market. As a leading market intelligence firm, it has kept in close contact with solar energy companies to get accurate data and analysis, and help clients navigate the turbulent business environment through research-based insights.

PV InfoLink’s team consists of analysts with expertise in research and industry analysis, who provide the highest quality supply/ demand database, price tracking, and market report covering renewables. Our services, which include advisory and business matching, can be tailored to the individual client. In addition, our team of analysts present at conferences, in-house training events of companies, and large expositions regularly.