Dedicated to energy and environment professionals, ACO-Energie is both your newsletter and your website. This is a publication of the OMNERGIA company.

It offers its readers:
– News, information in the form of articles and studies,
– Quotations of energy raw materials (PELLETS, WOOD CHIPS, BRIQUETS …)
– Investment Opportunities in projects, equipments, fundraising.

ACO-ENERGIE also offers its readers:
– Innovative technical solutions,
– Call for tender, calls for projects, calls for expressions of interest
– A weekly calendar of the most significant coming events.

Finally, ACO-Energie is a powerful communication tool to promote your events, trainings, projects, achievements or increase your reputation … Indeed, ACO-Energie is published in 4 languages with a broad base of contacts: French (> 20,000), English (> 10,000), Spanish (> 5000), Italian (> 3000).