The Greener the Better: Busan Green Energy Targets for 2030 & 2050

The Greener the Better: Busan Green Energy Targets for 2030 & 2050

Busan City is the latest metropolis to set renewable energy targets and they are not shying away from setting aggressive benchmarks. Currently, there are 2 phases of clean energy goals Busan plans to achieve. Phase 1 is a 20% power independence rate through renewable energy in 2030 and the 2nd phase is a 100% power independence rate through renewable energy in 2050. Lily Lee, a Busan Techno Park (BTP) Global Business Team Researcher, was able to share more about the Busan renewable energy goals with us. Lee is supporting the expansion which will then create jobs as well as boost growth of the local enterprise sales in the clean energy industry.

By way of explanation, Busan Techno Park (BTP) is the government body which supports initiatives such as the above Lee said. “Busan Techno Park (BTP) is a government agency [founded] to establish a cooperation system for industry, academia, research, and government and to revitalize the local economy through technological advancement in local industries. To support the growth of the local Enterprise in Clean Energy industry, we are providing a variety of support programs to them,” Lee said.

Separately, Busan City activities in conjunction with the above targets have requirements such as reducing carbon emissions and upholding their core values of energy policy, which are safety, independence, and participation Lee said. “[The] Republic of Korea is one of the leading countries focusing on investment to the Clean Energy R&D sector. In the same line, Busan Metropolitan City is encouraging [the] ‘Clean Energy’ industry. ‘Clean Energy’ defined by Busan Metropolitan City is safe, clean energy without carbon emission [with] energy technology,” Lee explained.

“The growth of renewables has placed new demands on utilities and their ability to optimize the system. To support the grid in response to fluctuations, optimization tools and parts are increasingly important,” Lee said. Supporting its green energy targets, Busan Techno Park has partnered with six Korean companies; KUNWOO TECH CO., LTD., The CENAIR BLOWER(KUNWOO’s), Aquacell Co., Ltd., Long Legs Co., SB Inc., Keystone Energy Co., Ltd., and Newenergy Co., Ltd. With the help of these six companies, all tenants of the BTP, and all with the technologies and solutions to support its ambitions, the clean energy goal will become a reality.

“In [the] 2021 we are living [in] now, the word[s] ‘Clean Energy’ are very familiar as we recognize this will be the direction we have to go. There is no globally agreed definition and scope of ‘Clean Energy’, but eco-friendly energy without carbon emission is a common concept element,” Lee said. With a little less than nine years left to go till 2030 before the first phase of the target is to be achieved, Lee is optimistic Busan will measure up to the targets set and perhaps we shall interview her then. But for now, Busan Techno Park (BTP), along with its partners, are off to the races.

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