The Importance of Portable Meter Testing as an Aid to Increasing an Energy Supplier’s Overall Customer Service and Satisfaction Levels


With the increased use of intelligent meters, there are new challenges for onsite meter testing.

Beside the metrological tests, there is also a focus on function and setup checks.

Privatized energy industries have concerns to reduce non-technical losses, quick and efficient handling of customer complaints and fraud cases, which may result in more on-site testing.

As a global leader in meter testing, MTE Meter Test Equipment AG recently introduced a series of meter test equipment to meet these new challenges and requirements.

In this discussion MTE will be joined by industry experts to provide: 

  • Overview about intentional and accidental problems in meter installations 
  • Essential functionalities of State-of-the-art portable instruments, which cannot be replaced by smart meter or intelligent software 
  • Results and experiences by using portable meter test equipment to reduce non-technical losses and create a better customer confidence into new technologies 
  • ROI into portable meter test equipment

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