Technical Discussion: Accessing Uniper’s Expertise Using Mixed and Augmented Reality

The development of digital and virtual video technologies enables power companies to engage the support of international experts in a more sustainable way. With illustrations from a case study, this technical webinar will outline how Uniper delivers world-class engineering insights remotely, conveniently, and with minimal resources.

These insights provide utilities with a detailed status report of their assets and wider access to Uniper’s broad expertise while delivering their outages more cost-effectively and sustainably, avoiding flights and travel across continents.

Case Study

SUR CCGT in the Middle East was having a historical problem with their HP Bypass Control valves on all units that were causing outages and lost generation. Following the subsequent overhaul of their asset’s faulty HP bypass control valve, SUR relied on Uniper’s engineering proficiency and familiarity with the plant processes to develop a qualified inspection plan and assess the contract work accordingly. The inspection was carried out using the Virtual Engineer solution where a member of SUR’s site team was equipped with Uniper’s Microsoft HoloLens device – a pair of augmented reality glasses. A remote engineer from the UK then directed him to ensure that SUR has met all quality standards and legal and statutory obligation was adhered to, which resulted in SUR overcoming their problem.

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