Technical and Operational Upgrades Supporting Lower Utilisation Rates and More Flexible Ramping Management

Conventional power plant operations are changing as a result of new renewables penetration into the grid.

To meet the variability and uncertainty of integrating renewable sources like wind energy and solar, operational flexibility is critical. The technologies and strategies supporting more flexible plant operations continue to develop, with innovations and retrofits enhancing their ability to provide supply-side flexibility and better accommodate this solar PV and wind generation variability.

With the ultimate goal of reducing start-up time and costs, lower minimum load and improved part-load efficiency, a higher ramp rate and shorter minimum uptime and runtime, flexible operations do pose CAPEX considerations and O&M challenges to plant operators.  

Topics of discussion include:

  • Understanding the possibilities and constraints in increasing flexibility in conventional power plant operations
  • Flexible power generation scenario in ASEAN – who is in what stages of implementation? 
  • Exploring cost-effective operational and technical market practices
  • Retrofit option – turbine upgrading applications for a plant upgrade
  • Strategies in updating processes and upgrading equipment for smooth cycling operations
  • How are digital technologies supporting the shift to increasingly flexible operations?

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