Optimizing the technical management of your assets and providing value to your data


Companies need to optimise the management of their assets and the impact of this will result in a change in the business model for energy and industrial companies in the near future. To do that, the value of data is a competitive advantage. Data are currently achieving great strategic importance in organisations and, in future, there will only be a business if the entire organisation is data-oriented. Business models must therefore be aligned with information management systems. This makes the use of software and emerging technology inevitable when we consider the huge volume of information to be analysed, often in real time. This is in parallel with the digital transformation initiatives being considered in many companies, which have direct implications for the type of solutions to be implemented. 

In this session, Minsait and clients from around the world, including Naturgy and Ence, will highlight how, through the utilisation of Minsait’s solutions Onesait Intelligence and Onesait APM, they can address the challenge of providing real and significant value to data. The combination of these two solutions provides a complete data-value chain management and a comprehensive response for assets technical management.

Gain insights into how these technologies could provide your business significant, direct benefits including:   

  1. Improved digital asset management processes through a comprehensive view of the asset (connecting ecosystems and managing their processes)  
  2. Increased efficiency  
  3. Lower operating costs through asset monitoring and more agile decision-making (increased efficiency and reliability in operations). Positive impact on maintenance cost  
  4. Extended asset lifetimes  
  5. Addition of intelligence to processes and applications flexibly to generate relevant KPIs for the company

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