“OPEX down, Revenue up”: How to tame a white elephant


Practical German Engineering Experiences of an Owner and Operator of a diverse energy portfolio.

Join an experienced international group of engineers to learn the secret of digital solutions for power generation: how to really deliver long-lasting value. Principal Engineer & consultant, Mrs. Yi Yi Goh from EES Consultants PLT (Malaysia) links up with STEAG Energy Services GmbH (Germany) to discuss Asian trends, particularly what they are seeing in customer demands and recent market developments. They will also share their experiences from numerous projects, highlighting the key to fruitful project implementation.

These insight will be supported by fellow senior members of STEAG’s regional team. 

Questions answered in the panel discussion include: 

  • Typical customer requirements in terms of Process Monitoring and Predictive Analytics 
  • What is a High Quality KPI? 
  • How do I successfully combine multiple energy sources? 
  • Can Artificial Intelligence support and what are limitations? 
  • How to master an Energy Turnaround in my market, when conventional plants experience enormous pressure? 
  • How to provide value to renewable and conventional plant operators? 
  • How do increase plant capacity factors? 
  • When market conditions are tough, how can I be well prepared and succeed? 
  • Why do customers end up with white elephants and how to avoid that?

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