Hydrogen as the Starting Point for Green Fuels

As the world aims to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, some of the key solutions are hydrogen and synthetic fuels derived from renewable energy using Power-to-X technology. However, while many governments and private companies are putting significant resources into developing technologies, there remains some proactive steps to be taken such as having the proper regulatory framework in place, adequate carbon pricing setup and providing roadmaps for utilization of green fuels.

Join this webinar hosted by MAN Energy Solutions as they discuss the optimal advantage of tapping into hydrogen as a solution for critical energy challenges. The panel discussion will also delve into the concept of sector coupling by integrating renewables in developed industry, energy, and mobility infrastructures with Power-to-X solutions using green hydrogen.

Discussion topics:

  • Understanding the hydrogen economy – Using electrolysers to convert into “green” hydrogen 
  • Power to X, conversion of green energy into synthetic fuels like SNG 
  • Achieve decarbonisation goals and sector coupling with Greener renewable fuels using Power to X

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