Future-Proofing the Power System in ASEAN

As renewable energy sources contribute increasingly to the ASEAN power mix, their variability causes challenges to existing power infrastructure. The challenge variable renewable energy brings to the grid can be mitigated by adding flexible and dispatchable power generation into the system, allowing even larger amounts of renewable energy to be installed. The flexible power comprises energy storage systems and agile gas-fired balancing power plants with short start-up times that can quickly react to load changes. Balancing solutions are essential for future high renewable power systems. In addition, these solutions will not become stranded assets, as they can be future-proofed from a fuel point of view, eventually switching from natural gas to future synthetic fuels once available.

In this panel discussion, industry practitioners and stakeholders from various regions will explore the latest possible solutions to achieving flexible and profitable power generation. They will outline the multiple energy sources available and the digital technologies supporting traditionally inflexible thermal power assets while lowering emissions, improving reliability, and future-proofing their assets.

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