Digital Technologies Supporting the Adoption of Decentralised RE into ASEAN Grids

How we produce and manage electricity is changing. It will do so more and more rapidly as we shift from centralised power systems to a model that embraces de-centralised energy production and battery storage. Across ASEAN, regulatory frameworks and utility strategies are gradually adapting to facilitate this transformation better.

Digital technologies play a critical role in enabling and accepting DER, with DERMS, VPPs, AI and Blockchain allowing de-centralised RE to blend with existing, increasingly digitally-enabled power systems, interconnected with an ever more engaged customer and smarter grid network.

Topics include:

  • How digital technologies such as VPPs and DERMS, are facilitating the rise of DER globally?
  • The role of BESS in supporting distributed power generation and the technologies enabling it
  • How big data supports the rise of DERs and strategies to effectively collect and handle the right data
  • Grid considerations to enable the power systems of the future; supporting the rise of the prosumer and EVs
  • The rise of blockchain and its role in driving an increasingly decentralised power system in ASEAN

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