Your guide to the energy transition in Asia

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Speakers include:

Andrew Gihooly
Head of TrinaPro APAC Region
Trina Solar APAC

Lim Cheong Boon
Head of Product and Marketing
Trina Solar APAC

Chen Zhang
Solar Engineer APAC
Energy Systems

Hassan Gaffar
Country Manager
Huawei APAC Digital Power Business

Module & Tracker Innovations Driving Down PV’s LCOE Across APAC

As solar power adoption expands across the APAC region, the technology driving this growth continues to evolve, reducing the LCOE and making solar yet more attractive as developers, utilities and governments alike, as they seek lower carbon energy solutions.

In this webinar, we will explore how the latest technological advances have improved the efficiency and further lowered the cost of solar, further supporting its greater adoption across APAC.

Topics to be covered include:

  • The APAC PV market outlook in 2021
  • Latest innovations in module technology for both rooftop and ground mounted segments
  • How high powered modules can deliver BOS savings
  • Main benefits when utilizing large format modules with single axis tracker
  • New single-axis tracker systems optimized for large-format bifacial modules