28 - 29 September 2021
Formerly POWERGEN Asia & Asian Utility Week

Energy Innovation Challenge

What is Initiate?

Initiate! is a startup programme dedicated to profiling promising innovators in the power and energy sector. Startups come from around the world to share their strategy to an audience of potential buyers, investors and business partners. The rewards of participation are international recognition and industry connections to assist in business development.

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Thursday, 10 Dec 2020 | 2pm (JKT), 3pm (SGT)

The Rise of Start-up Scene in Indonesia’s Energy Transition

Southeast Asia is becoming a hotbed for energy startups with exciting innovations and emerging new technologies from entrepreneurs and disruptors, driving immense investment growth in the region. In this webinar, the Winners and Judges from the Indonesian Energy Innovation Challenge come together to discuss how the future generation of ASEAN energy sector will play a part in making the energy transition thrive in Southeast Asia. They will each share their perspective on how the future energy sector will look like and what new technologies and capabilities could transform the energy sector.

Topics include:

  • Energy transition trends
  • Startup scene in Indonesia/Jakarta 
  • Technology innovations
  • New business models
  • Entrepreneurship in Indonesia
  • Cultural mindset of consumers 
  • Trends in South-East Asia
  • The role of Indonesia in the region

Indonesian Energy Innovation Challenge

The urgency of an energy transition in Southeast Asia is evident and its development still ongoing. The next-generation entrepreneurs and talent are around the corner and ready to make an impact by contributing to the energy transition with breakthrough innovations.

The Indonesian Energy Innovation Challenge is founded by Energy Investment Management BV (www.indonesianenergyinnovationchallenge.com). With energy transition expertise and investment management activities, Energy Investment Management BV will join forces with Initiate’s profiling program to stimulate innovation for Indonesian energy transition. The event provides entrepreneurs and students with a platform to share their ideas and solutions, realize new connections and allows the start of new collaborations.

Impact Solution Pitches

This category is for participants without established enterprise to propose innovative ideas about how to achieve the effective energy transition. It gives the spotlight to energy professionals and students to present the energy transition challenges and potential solutions. The participating teams will identify and discuss the challenges in the Indonesian energy transition, map the relevant ecosystem partners and their solution(s) to these challenges.

Start-up Pitches

This category gives the floor to energy start-ups, entrepreneurs and public-sector innovators to present their solutions and ideas. Participants with developed or developing product/service can apply for this challenge for the chance to pitch their innovative solution. This pitching competition will be evaluated by a jury of professionals from within the energy sector.

2020 Winners

For more information on this challenge, visit www.indonesianenergyinnovationchallenge.com
or contact adli.renhoren@energy-im.nl or joey.ng@clarionevents.com.

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