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A G&W Electric Webinar

Introducing Single Phase FLISR Benefits

Single phase Fault Location, Isolation, and Service Restoration (FLISR) is a new way of improving reliability indices such as SAIDI and SAIFI. It can be implemented with or without communication, depending on the size of the system.
Not sure what single phase FLISR is? Thinking about using single phase FLISR to improve your indices, but not sure how to implement it?
In this webinar, find out all about single phase FLISR in its various flavors!

Join Nic DiFonzo, Senior Power Grid Automation Engineer at G&W Electric to learn:

  • How single phase FLISR works
  • Understand how to determine if this is the right solution for your system
  • Identify the next steps on implementing single phase FLISR on your system

Featured Presenter

Nic DiFonzo, Senior Power Grid Automation Engineer

Nic is a Senior Automation Engineer with G&W Electric and has been with the company for over 10 years. Starting at G&W Electric as a Switchgear Design Engineer, he focused on control cabinet specification and design along with basic relay protection programming. As part of G&W Electric's Lazer Automation team, Nic continues to explore his aptitude for smart grid technology by writing specifications for programming and commissioning a diverse range of automation solutions around the world. Nic earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering in Milwaukee, WI.