Initiate! at Enlit Asia

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What Will Initiate! Bring

Initiate! is the future. Initiate! is the enabler, leading Asia towards a full energy transformation and a brighter energy future; to becoming Enlit. It is the centre of gravity for all emerging, disruptive technologies, new talent and co-creation where you can have one-to-one meetings, present your ideas, products and services, and learn, work and relax.

Initiate is the stage from which to learn about next-gen technology, attract next-gen talent and where students who want to work in the industry get a genuine opportunity to network and connect with prospective employers.

Startup Programme

This year, Initiate will again provide a platform from which start-ups can pitch their technology or services to corporates and investors looking for the sector’s next innovators, movers and shakers. Pitches will be based around a core Game Changing Impact Challenge, providing a real-world scenario in which to position their product and its potential to disrupt the status quo, while providing value to clients, customers and investors alike.

Young Talent Programme

The fostering and nurturing of young talent is a central pillar of Initiate. This year Initiate! will also explore how we must attract and nurture the next-generation of talent. Whether a final-year student emerging from the region’s universities, or a young professional at the beginning of their career at a utility Initiate will highlight the opportunities that exist in a changing industry. The global power sector is increasingly moving away from the slow, stale, technologically uninspiring sector of yesteryear.

Initiate! is the future

The power sector of tomorrow is fast paced, innovative, exciting and technologically advanced with opportunities abound. It is up to the industry to attract new talent and create an environment in which ‘out of the box’ thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit are celebrated as the route to a more sustainable, connected future.

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