28 - 29 September 2021
Formerly POWERGEN Asia & Asian Utility Week

The Next Generation

The Next Generation

Power generation across Southeast Asia is evolving, hear how technologies are supporting a cleaner, lower carbon future for conventional energy sources.

While energy systems across the ASEAN region are undoubtedly changing, conventional thermal generation has a undeniable role in providing a reliable, affordable power supply to a rapidly growing ASEAN population. Coal will continue to play a majority role in the energy mix however public sentiment is influencing political and investment decisions, driving a need for lower emissions while access to capital is limited. Gas has long been positioned as the bridging fuel to renewables but its potential seems likely to extend beyond this, with a gas glut looming gas plays a role in large scale, and small-scale LNG to power projects; driving the 100% electrification and lower carbon goals.

This Hub will showcase the technologies and innovations keeping traditional energy sources relevant through the ongoing energy transformation; turbine and engines updates; making coal cleaner, enabling LNG to Power, and the latest captive power or distributed energy project successes.

Key topics include:

  • Gas-Fired Generation
  • Coal-Fired Generation
  • Distributed Energy
  • Carbon Capture & Storage
  • Captive / On-Site Power