28 - 29 September 2021
Formerly POWERGEN Asia & Asian Utility Week

Hub Sessions

Hub Overview

The Knowledge Hubs will take place across multiple stages on the show floor, with each stage addressing a different theme. Finds out more about the themes and the topics to be covered below:

The Next Generation

Power generation across Southeast Asia is evolving, hear how technologies are supporting a cleaner, lower carbon future for conventional energy sources.

Life Cycle Management & Plant Optimisation

A Hub dedicated to all aspects of the operation, optimisation, maintenance and re-purposing of conventional power generation infrastructure.

The Grid

Grid infrastructure is the enabler of the energy transition. Hear how technology will help ensure a stable, reliable grid that will facilitate the ASEAN energy transformation and electricity for all.


Digital technologies make the sector better connected, smarter, more efficient and reliable. Investigate the nature of these technologies and learn from innovative projects that are making a difference.

The Energy Revolution

The global energy landscape is changing. Hear how Southeast Asia’s energy future will be influenced by the adoption of renewable energy and innovative technologies.