Next Stop Asia – the Minsait ASEAN Expansion

Next Stop Asia – the Minsait ASEAN Expansion

Minsait already has a reputation as a major player in Europe and with their credentials in mind, we asked Martín Ruiz to walk us through some of the recent projects they’ve been involved in with European utilities. “We are applying the real-time analytics and IoT solutions for the management and operation of low-voltage network, which requires full integration between IT and all the technologies at all levels from the backend to the grid edge, and we are doing that in our platforms. [And] this is interesting – we are combining artificial vision with IoT sensors in order to improve the safety of workers, [and] a combination of some of those technologies I mentioned earlier, with [the addition of] drones for the inspection of the aerial grid.” Martín Ruiz said that along with these critical activities and their expansion, Minsait is focused on growth for the company and clients.

An essential component of their Southeast Asia expansion is data. For Asian utilities, should they utilize Minsait solutions, they shall find they have an edge because, according to Martín Ruiz, Minsait provides expert insight in managing incoming data. Martín Ruiz said that they can “verify, qualify and enrich new information coming from many different sources, internal and external.” This process also permits the continuous integration of new values to have fast and productive response capacity. “To apply all of this is not easy,” Martín Ruiz said, but they can support the region’s development and maximize their opportunities because of their extensive experience. “We have more than 25 years of experience in the sector and around 500 energy companies worldwide, including in the ASEAN countries, as clients and users of our services. All of them will be able to speak about our commitment and reliability. We [have] a long-term relationship with all of them.”

Regarding long-term projects of note, we asked Martín Ruiz about Minsait’s APAC projects and further insight into their strong presence in the Philippines. Starting with Australia, Martín Ruiz said, “we are working with Monash University on a very ambitious project focused on DERMS and microgrids. It was even awarded several times at worldwide level due to innovation and energy savings.” And, in the Philippines, they have an extensive reach. “We [have been] working in the Philippines for more than 25 years, implementing more than 200 projects every year. There are more than 1,400 highly qualified engineers in our office in Manila providing solutions and services for the region.” The Philippine office will act as another tool in their expansion rollout that may prove to be an irreplaceable support during their expansion, set to begin soon.  

With respect to expansion next steps, Martín Ruiz said, “We already have a number of global and local partners in many of our geographies, and that is what we want to develop in the ASEAN countries. This has to be a continuous process of creating and improving the best local talent and capabilities. I think that we are fully convinced that this is the only way we can maintain the formula for success.” Martín Ruiz strongly believes that Minsait will undoubtedly be successful with the expansion because of their strong background and expertise. He closed by saying, “We have the right capabilities, the right solutions, right approach.”

To learn more about the future of Grid Modernisation from Minsait and our expert panel, be sure to register for the webinar taking place on 23 February 2021. To access the webinar, simply register for the Grid Modernisation for free here.

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