Technology Utilization in Collection, Analysis, and Exploration of Automated Meter Reading Data at EVNHCMC


The Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation (EVNHCMC) has laid the groundwork for the Smart Grid system by focusing on developing the AMR (Automated Meter Reading) and MDMS (Meter Data Management System) to improve operation and business performance and bring the best benefits to customers.

1. Automated Meter Reading implementation status and plan

As of July 31, 2021, EVNHCMC has replaced 2,301,623 out of 2,649,407 conventional meters on the city’s grid with AMR ones for an 86.87% conversion rate. The remaining is planned to be completed by the end of 2021.

2. Technology for AMR

EVNHCMC’s AMR system has been structured to the following design:

Data collection has been facilitated with the development of an IoT Gateway designed towards load-balancing and bi-directional interactions. Data collected by the modem/DCU are transferred to the server via a single IoT Gateway, which receives and transfers data to the socket channels of the JMS server. The number of socket channels and corresponding resources will be expanded rapidly as more load is connected to the system’s modem/DCU.

Users will be able to access data as provided by the IoT Gateway website or through interaction with modem/DCU via integrated API functions. The system enables the following key functions to users:

(1) Real-time meter reading, performance parameters reporting, load profile, monthly meter reading summary;

(2) Warning of metering points with transmission fluctuations recorded;

(3) Location of metering points, modems, and DCU on an integrated digital map to enable rapid zoning by users when faults occur, including location of SIM card signals and 3G/GPRS modem onboard reserve battery status.

(4) Assisting real-time warning provision of offline or malfunction metering points

(5) Control of metering point registration through other back-end systems such as CMIS, PMIS…

(6) Collecting data for the development of a utility feature that communicates with devices receiving commands from modems/DCUs to enable users to control multiple devices simultaneously without the need to check and issue commands to individual devices.

(7) Integrating Current, Voltage, Apparent Power (U/I/S) norms to trigger warning for metering points (low/full/overload, voltage drop/overvoltage, over/under compensation, out of phase signal)

(8) Sharing collected data on operational parameters, load, monthly meter reading summary as recorded on meters for purposes of relevant systems such as load researching (LRS), load curtailment (DRMS), finalization of billing/loss data on CMIS, data visualization on GIS, remote meter data integration system MDIS, meter data management system (MDMS), etc.

(9) Applications AI, Big Data algorithms for data analysis.

3. AMR data analysis and mining

The successful implementation of the AMR system has allowed EVNHCMC to enhance its management capabilities in power grid operation as well as improve customer service quality.

Enhanced management capabilities in power grid operation

Connecting data from the AMR system to the Outage Management System (OMS) has been a helpful approach to monitor power grid performance in near real-time. Especially, the remote meter reading system has aided operators in proactively detecting and responding to anomalies, outages, phase loss, overloads, etc., at power distribution stations without having to wait for reports from customers. As a result, operational and management capabilities have been enhanced, customer trust increased, and overall customer service quality improved, constituting the first step in the development of the Smart Grid at EVNHCMC.

Better customer service quality

Currently, EVNHCMC is offering a variety of new power services that were not previously available, meeting customer’s interests and better the operation, management, customer’s billing, etc. of the power sector. With these new services, customers can effortlessly monitor their power consumption at any place, any time through simple look-up features in the EVNHCMC CSKH app or at the corporation’s website. These give customers better control over their daily power use. For large consumers using dedicated substations, monitoring is detailed to 30 minutes intervals including data of current, voltage, load profile, etc.

In addition, the system is integrated with tools to automatically collate customer’s power consumption data from previous months and years to produce warnings of irregular increases and decreases that are reported automatically to customers through means of choice such as SMS, EVNHCMC CSKH mobile apps, Zalo, or email. With this on hand knowledge, customers can make informed decisions for a safe, economical, and efficient use of electricity – an essential component of environmental protection, socio-economic development, and household economy improvement.

With the recent complex developments of COVID-19, the benefits of AMR system brought to both the power sector and customers in Ho Chi Minh city has been clearly demonstrated, specifically:

Physical visits are no longer required in the collection of readings for customers installed with AMR meters which limits direct contacts and reduces community transmission risk. Readings also become more accurate and transparent, allowing more timely management of EVNHCMC’s daily activities.

Moreover, with social distancing and prolonged hot weather, power demand spikes, overload, and grid failures are inevitable, making it is imperative to utilize the remote metering system in the monitoring of distribution substations status, proactively detecting anomalies. This practice has proven high efficiency in the power grid operation as it allows for a timely response to power failures, ensuring sustained and safe power supply to customers, forming an integral part in the joint efforts to build a Smart City.

The remote metering system utilization and data analysis hold crucial importance to the power grid operation as well as improve customer service quality, boosting consumer trust in EVNHCMC. It also displays EVNHCMC’s flexibility and inventiveness in implementing its Digital transformation strategy to incorporate Industry 4.0’s achievements to operations.

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