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Official Contractors

The following suppliers are the only official contractors of Enlit Europe 2023. Any other offer made by non-official agents is not endorsed by the organisers of the event.

Green leaf icon Enlit Europe sustainability Think about your carbon footprint when ordering. Eco-friendly events are possible now!

 We are doing our utmost best, together with our suppliers, to work in the most possible sustainable way.


Please note:

  • Free Wi-Fi network will be available on the exhibition floor for all attendees. The network will be able to support all basic internet functionalities only.
  • All stand catering has to be ordered through the show exclusive partner of Paris Expo Porte de Versailles; no other catering companies are allowed on the premises.
  • A surcharge will be applied for orders onsite and after the standard deadlines.


Event Organiser


Clarion Energyclarion

The event organiser will assist you with: 


For further information regarding Logistics and Marketing, contact our team via



On-site Stand Services


VIPARIS Store  Messe logo

VIPARIS will assist you with the following services at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

Please access the VIPARIS official webshop to order the following services:

  • Rigging/Suspension points     
  • Waste
  • Internet & Telecommunication     
  • Parking   
  • VIPARIS Meeting Rooms Extra Services
  • Hostess
  • Stand Security
  • Stand Cleaning
  • Floral Decorations
  • Catering - HORETO PARIS - the show exclusive partner of Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

On the webshop home select the venue "Paris Expo Porte de Versailles" and the name of the event "Enlit Europe 2023" to access the online catalogue.



GES - Global Experience SpecialistsImage preview

Our partnered supplier will assist you with the following services - please order via the GES webshop:

  • Mains connections
  • Water connections
  • Furniture
  • AV - for exhibitors and built meeting rooms




The official caterer of Enlit Europe 2023 can assist you with (not limited to):

  • Turnkey solutions
  • Quote requests
  • Delivery right to your stand

Please click on the links to download:


For more information, please contact:



Stand Design & Build

The official stand designer and builder of Enlit Europe 2023 can assist you with (not limited to):

  • Stand design 
  • Stand build

For more information, please contact:




DSV - Global Transport and LogisticsDSV

DSV is the official freight and on-site handling contractor for exhibitors at Enlit Europe 2023.

DSV can assist you with a wide range of services and Green Logistics solutions:

  • International and European Transport to/from Paris including customs clearance assistance.
  • Technical lifting onsite
  • Storage during the show, including empties and full cases and accessible sorted.
  • Pre and post-show warehousing, including delivery and collection from the stand.
  • Labour assistance, supervised by the exhibitor for stand fitting (not able to assist with building or dismantling of the stand ), used for packing and unpacking only.

Please make sure you read the Shipping Instructions and the Deadlines carefully.

For more information and shipment inquiries, please contact:

Using an alternative freight forwarder?

If you are not using DSV as the freight forwarder, please read the Shipping Instructions carefully to avoid any problems and make sure your freight forwarder applies the same deadlines. 

When not using the services from DSV - Global Transport and Logistics for your shipment, please take into account that neither DSV nor Clarion Energy are responsible for any of the handling of the shipment or for the storage of empties during the show period. Costs incurred from any items left after the end of the show which have not been picked up by your courier company will be charged to the exhibitor.


Health & Safety


Abraxys Global Ltd

Abraxys Global Ltd is the official Health & Safety Management Officer of Enlit Europe 2023.

Please make sure you read the Health & Safety Regulations carefully.


The Health & Safety Regulations are about the requirements within the exhibition area, such as the equipment, materials and electric supply for a safe place and system of work.

For more information and inquiries, please contact:



Lead Scanner

LiveBuzz SmartScan lead capture app

Interested in purchasing a Lead Scanner license at Enlit Europe 2023?

The SmartScan lead capture app will enable you to scan visitor badges using the camera on your mobile device. You will also be able to set up a questionnaire to ask visitors at your stand and you will be able to analyse and download all the information collected post-event. 

Click here to access your Registration hub and order your lead capture app license, which you will be able to use on multiple devices.

Please download the "Exhibitor Registration & Leads" - Quick Guide for the detailed steps.


Official Accommodation and Travel Information


bnetwork is the Official Accommodation Partner of Enlit Europe 2023 and provides special booking rates for the event participants in a selection of Eco-Friendly Hotels in Paris.

Click here to book your hotel at a discounted rate.

For group booking or any additional information, please contact them directly at:


European Rail


 Please check the following options for sustainable mobility.


Paris Metro Linesà demain (retour à l'accueil)



Sharing data with event suppliers/partners: We may pass on your nominated contact details to our official suppliers and partners to enhance your experience at our events. This could be, for example, stand construction partners, electricity and internet providers, for furniture, carpeting, etc. We have a legitimate interest to provide your details and your company’s details to our suppliers and partners because these services are required for a seamless exhibition experience, and it is in your interest to be provided with this information. If you prefer us not to share these details with our suppliers and partners, unsubscribe by contacting

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