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Please Note:
This is only applicable to
Co-Exhibitors of Country Pavilions
or Collective Stands.

As part of your participation at Enlit Europe 2023 as a co-exhibitor of a Country Pavilion or a Collective Stand, it’s a requirement that you have adequate insurance protection in place. 

If you have your own Public Liability cover in place, please tick the below box ‘Yes, I confirm I have proper insurance as requested by the organiser, Clarion Events’ and make sure to bring your policy papers with you to the event. 

In case you don’t have your own insurance in place, we offer you to participate in our Exhibitor Protection Scheme via Inevexco (cost: EUR 220,-).
Please tick the below box 'No, I don’t have proper insurance and I would like to arrange this via Clarion Events / Inevexco' and, additionallyfill out this form and send it back to You will receive an e-mail from Inevexco as confirmation with additional information. 

Download the form

For additional information on the Exhibitor Protection Scheme, please check below the form - "More Information".


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More Information


Cover Headings Standard Limits Brief Summary of the Cover
Exhibitor Expenses GBP 20,000

Loss of irrecoverable expenses sustained as a result of cancellation, abandonment, curtailment, postponement or removal to alternative premises; inability to open or keep open your stand/space due to damage to Exhibitor Property at the Venue, in transit to the Venue or damage to the Venue itself; late or non-arrival of Exhibits or of your staff/representatives; failure to vacate the Venue within the contracted time; reasonable additional costs and expenses incurred in avoiding or diminishing a loss; for reasons beyond yours and the Organisers control.


Exhibitor Property GBP 20,000

Physical loss of or damage to property for which you are responsible, including exhibits, stands, displays, equipment, furnishings, stationery, promotional literature, being brought to the venue for the purposes of the Exhibition. You are responsible for the first £50 of any claim.


Exhibitor Liability



any one occurrence


Legal liability to pay compensation, legal costs and expenses as a result of accidental death or injury to a third party and/or damage to their property at the Venue. You are responsible for the first £250 of any claim for third party property damage.


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