Your guide to the energy transition in Asia

June 30

Maximising Value from the Grid Edge & Engaged Consumer

With the help of digitalisation, energy consumers are driving change through decarbonisation, where many aspects of their daily activities are electrified and decentralisation, where consumers are contributing energy to the grid. This monthly series will discuss how utilities should use digitalisation in the form of cloud, data and AI to engage a digital-savvy customer and reduce their energy costs while creating business models for better client to grid engagements.

Content across the day will cover topics including:

  • AI
  • IoT
  • Billing
  • Next-Level Communication Networks
  • Developing the Grid Edge New Energy Future
  • Bracing for Grid Edge Load Change
  • Strategies to Strengthen Grid Edge Operations
  • Unlocking the Value of Smart Networks
  • Disruptive Innovation for Effective Customer Engagement
  • The Road to Customer Centricity
  • Customer Innovations
  • IoT Network & Cloud Innovations
  • Customer Engagement Platforms
  • Data Driven Transformation Strategies
  • Taking Intelligence to the Grid Edge
  • Transforming Data to Action
  • Field Service Management