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Grid Modernisation Overview

The need to modernise grid infrastructure across ASEAN is beyond doubt, enabling it to meet its current demands and those of the future. Maximum grid reliability relies on intelligent transmission and distribution system combined with the latest technological advances developments.

A free-to-attend, full day of panel discussions and interviews with technical presentations and whitepapers to download, the Grid Modernisation day provides attendees a unique opportunity to gain in-depth insights. The day will showcase the technologies ensuring ASEAN’s transmission and distribution networks can continue to provide reliable power to its population, provide real-time data from multiple sources to utilities and cope with the increasing number of disruptive forces impacting the power sector more broadly. Not only highlighting novel technology, attendees will also hear the challenges and successes in implementing and integrating these technologies into existing grid systems from around the world. 

Content across the day will cover topics including:

  • Asset Management & Optimisation
  • Network planning and analysis tools
  • Substation automation
  • Control and analysis software
  • Self-Healing Systems
  • Power electronics
  • Transmission automation
  • Diagnostic systems
  • Control systems
  • UHV electricity transmission
  • Automated and interconnected equipment
  • Distribution optimization
  • Advanced Distribution Management Systems
  • Information and communications technology networks
  • Transformer technology
  • Visualisation tools
  • HVDC

Panel Discussions on the day will include:

Sponsored by:

Canadian Trade Commission

Time: 11:30am (SGT) | 10:30am (JKT) | 9am (India Time)

Smart Grid Applications Towards Low Carbon Economy: Canada – Indonesia Experience

Join this discussion facilitated by the Canadian Trade Commission in which Canadian companies will share their experiences and the insights they have gained supporting their utility customers, and how these experiences are transferrable to support PLN’s smart grid ambitions as they aim to increase electrification and the enablement of clean, digital solutions.

Topics include:

  • Network management and monitoring system using BPL (broadband over powerline) technology
  • Demand response and distributed energy system
  • Grid stability and asset monitoring

Optimizing the technical management of your assets providing value to your data

In this session, Minsait and clients from around the world, including Naturgy and Ence, will highlight how, through the utilisation of Minsait’s solutions Onesait Intelligence and Onesait APM, they can address the challenge of providing real and significant value to data. The combination of these two solutions provides a complete data-value chain management and a comprehensive response for assets technical management. Join this session to gain insights into how these technologies could provide your business significant, direct benefits including:

  • Improved digital asset management processes through a comprehensive view of the asset (connecting ecosystems and managing their processes).
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Lower operating costs through asset monitoring and more agile decision-making (increased efficiency and reliability in operations).
  • Positive impact on maintenance cost
  • Extended asset lifetimes.
  • Addition of intelligence to processes and applications flexibly to generate relevant KPIs for the company

Sponsored by:

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Time: 3pm (SGT) | 2pm (JKT) | 12:30pm (India Time)


Naturgy ence


On the day, you will hear from:

Anish Garg, Director, Delhi Transco Ltd Topic: Optimizing Power Consumption in Common Services
Anish Garg, Director, Delhi Transco Ltd
Yusqi Ghiyasil Majid, Engineer, PLN Topic: Implementation of Zero Down Time Systems to Provide Excellent Electricity to VVIP Customers in BSD City
Yusqi Ghiyasil Majid, Engineer, PLN
Ir. Pershanta Kumar J.Raman,  Senior Engineer (Asset Information), TNB Topic: Smart Utility Framework for TNB Distribution Network
Ir. Pershanta Kumar J.Raman,  Senior Engineer (Asset Information), TNB
Jon Wells, Chairman, Technical Committee, OSGP Alliance Topic: Making the Smart Grid Smart
Jon Wells, Chairman, Technical Committee, OSGP Alliance
Daniel Tampubolon, Engineer, PLN Topic: Improving the Cost-Effectiveness of Reliability Improvement Through RCI Method
Daniel Tampubolon, Engineer, PLN
Ikhmal Azman, ADMS Team Member, TNB

Topic: Smart Grid Projects for EVN HCMC
Nguyen Viet Dung, Deputy Director, Gia Dinh Company – EVNHCMC

Dilip Joshi, SLDC-Guj, India Topic: Smart Grid Projects Initiatives in India
Dilip Joshi, Retired Superintending Engineer, SLDC-Guj, India
Jon Wells, Chairman, Technical Committee, OSGP Alliance

Topic: Future Outage Management System in TNB Distribution Network
Ikhmal Azman, ADMS Team Member, TNB

Komal Deep Kaur Hardial Singh, Senior Engineer, TNB Topic: Smart Energy Market Infrastructure for Distribution
Komal Deep Kaur Hardial Singh, Senior Engineer, TNB
Jeff Butler, P.E., Senior Product Manager, Hubbell Utility Solutions Topic: Optimization of Design and Materials for High Voltage Transmission Applications
Jeff Butler, P.E., Senior Product Manager, Hubbell Utility Solutions





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