Your guide to the energy transition in Asia

April 22

Demand Side & Customer Management Overview

Customer demands are constantly increasing in an ever more connected world.

A free-to-attend, full day of panel discussions and interviews with technical presentations and whitepapers to download, the Demand Side & Customer Management day provides attendees a unique opportunity to gain in-depth insights. As utilities across the region look to implement AMI and increase engagement with customers, the day will provide valuable insights into strategies that have provided maximum ROI, customer engagement and ultimately loyalty. You will have the opportunity to explore the technology underpinning these developments and how ASEAN utilities can ensure they have the IT strategy to match their customer strategy.

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Content across the day covered topics including:

  • Creating Data-Driven Digital Utilities
  • Energy Management Systems (EMS)
  • ICT Integration
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
  • Demand forecasting
  • Demand Response
  • Data Analytics
  • Customer Relation Management (CRM)
  • Time of Use-tariffs (ToU) and real-time pricing

Panel Discussions were:

The Importance of Portable Meter Testing as an Aid to Increasing an Energy Supplier’s Overall Customer Service and Satisfaction Levels

With the increased use of intelligent meters, there are new challenges for onsite meter testing.

Beside the metrological tests, there is also a focus on function and setup checks.

Privatized energy industries have concerns to reduce non-technical losses, quick and efficient handling of customer complaints and fraud cases, which may result in more on-site testing.

As a global leader in meter testing, MTE Meter Test Equipment AG recently introduced a series of meter test equipment to meet these new challenges and requirements.

In this discussion MTE will be joined by industry experts to provide:

  • Overview about intentional and accidental problems in meter installations
  • Essential functionalities of State-of-the-art portable instruments, which cannot be replaced by smart meter or intelligent software
  • Results and experiences by using portable meter test equipment to reduce non-technical losses and create a better customer confidence into new technologies
  • ROI into portable meter test equipment

Sponsored By:

Speakers Include:

Luca Züllig
Managing Director
MTE Meter Test Equipment AG

Horst Adams
Sales Manager-Asia Pacific
MTE Meter Test Equipment AG

Ir. Lim Teik Ken
Head, Technical
TNB Distribution Division

Dr. Chaiyod Pirak
Associate Professor
The Sirindhorn International Thai-German Graduate School of Engineering (TGGS)

William Chan
Manager, Metering Services Asset Management

Sponsored By:

Speakers Include:

George Hunt
Chief Strategy Officer
Smart Energy Water (SEW)

Bob Saril
Director of Commercial PLN

Mohamed Azrin
Head of Customer Experience Solution, Retail Division

Senthil Kumar
Chief Operating Officer

Shuchi Mehta
Director – Customer Strategy
PwC South East Asia Consulting

Ravi Mandalika
Executive Partner
IBM Global Business Services

Strategies & Technologies to Deliver the Next-Level of Customer Experience for Electric Utilities

With the rise in customer expectations and the emergence of new technologies, customer experience has become a critical factor in customer satisfaction. It is paramount for electric companies to ensure that the correct customer engagement strategies – that are modern, robust, and agile are adopted to meet the rapidly-changing industry’s values and demands. When deciding on a customer engagement strategy and the technologies to deploy, there are many complexities to consider. Utilities must reassess their strategy for an engaging and cost-efficient customer experience that builds confidence and resilience in the long run, and ultimately brand loyalty. This webinar will explore:

  • New enabling technologies, the business challenges and benefits
  • Utility strategies for leveraging new technologies to engage better and service customers
  • Real-world examples and use cases of new technologies leveraged by utilities to deliver world-class customer experiences

AMI Implementation: Efficient Rollout Strategies

The implementation of advanced metering infrastructure is building across the ASEAN region as utilities look to reap the benefits of smart meters and associated infrastructure. As with any major rollout there are a number of critical considerations that must be addressed to ensure efficient implementation, ROI and consumer engagement, making sure that the expectations of the business, and those of customers are met.

This webinar will explore:

  • Best practices in smart meter roll out
  • Technology considerations 
  • The importance of partnerships
  • Customer engagement pre-, and post rollout

Sponsored by:

Speakers Include:

Ir. Mohamed Ghous bin Ahmad
Project Director (AMI)

Saurabh Kumar
Executive Vice Chairperson
Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) Group

Francis D’Souza
VP Marketing & Strategy
Thales IoT

Marnix Schrijner
Senior Consultant

Hear Presentations from:

Topic: AMI Project Preparation – the Role of Icon+
Ignatius Rendroyoko, Director Electricity & Wholesale Business, PT. Indonesia Comnets Plus (Icon+)

Topic: Utility customer feedback model for technical service touch points
Ir. Dr. Kannan Munisam, Head, Business Interface & Partners, Customer and Market, Distribution Network TNB

Topic: Scaling AMI Deployment During A Pandemic 
Shirley Lee, Head of Deployment Management (AMI Project)- Distribution Network, TNB

Topic: Streamlining the Global Energy Transition with Automation
Simon Mouat, Vice President, envelio

Topic: A Journey into Big Data & Analytics in PLN
Andreas P. Purnomoadi, Strategic Analyst for T&D Business, Center of Excellence, PLN R&D

Topic: A Journey into Big Data & Analytics in PLN
Anindita Satria Surya, Senior Researcher, PLN Puslitbang (Research Institute)

Topic: General Evaluation of AMI Implementation in ASEAN
Iman Faskayana, Vice President of Marketing Strategy & Chairman of Project 4 – WG3, PLN / HAPUA

Topic: The Role of Mobility in Creating a Smarter Field Workforce through MFFA2.0
Ts. Zainal Ariffin Abdul Rahman, Team Member Deployment (Operational Solution) – Distribution Network, TNB 

Topic: Smart Metering Interoperability
Mark Ossel, Member of the Board, OSGP Alliance

Topic: Gap Analysis into AMI Interoperability toward PLN AMI Deployment
Dimas Aji Nugraha, Assistant Engineer of Study and Investigation on T&D System, PLN R&D

Topic: A Journey into Big Data & Analytics in PLN
Arionmaro Asi Simaremare, Senior Researcher, PLN Puslitbang (Research Institute)

Topic: A Journey into Big Data & Analytics in PLN
Brian Bramantyo S.D.A. Harsono, Senior Researcher, PLN Puslitbang (Research Institute)

Topic: Load Factor (LF) Based Balancing scheme for Power transformer In Serpong Substarion
Daniel Tampubolon, Manager of PLN Serpong, PLN

Topic: Load Factor (LF) Based Balancing scheme for Power transformer In Serpong Substarion
Taufiq Nur Syahril Sidiq, Supervisor Data & Drawing of PLN Distribution Control Centre Banten, PLN

Topic: The importance of portable meter testing as an aid to increasing an energy supplier’s overall customer service and satisfaction levels
Tran Mai Hai Au, Manager of Metering Calibration, EVN HCMC

Topic: Load Factor (LF) Based Balancing scheme for Power transformer In Serpong Substarion
Deni Nurul Huda, Supervisor of Metering of PLN Serpong, PLN

Topic: Challenges and Opportunities of DSM (Demand Side Management) Implementation in PT. PLN (Persero)
Joko Hartono, Engineer of Study and Investigation on T&D System, PLN R&D