Your guide to the energy transition in Asia

November 24

Asset Optimisation Through Next-Level O&M & the Future of Conventional Generation in ASEAN

With the search for power alternatives to reduce carbon emissions, renewable energy and hydrogen are here to stay. The focus is on what power companies are doing to boost their asset management, operations, and maintenance strategies to increase resilience, reliability, and efficiency. This monthly series will further explore hardware management, improvements on traditional infrastructure and types of investments that will enable the cost-efficient accommodation of incoming fuel alternatives.

Content across the day will cover topics including:

  • Optimising Plant Performance
  • New Thinking in O&M Strategies
  • Gas Modernisation Projects Showcase
  • Coal Modernisation Projects Showcase
  • High Performance Engines & IGTs
  • Large Frame GTs: Ongoing Innovation
  • Emissions control & Efficiency Improvements
  • Energy Storage Supporting Conventional Power
  • Focus on Fuel Flexibility
  • Flexibility