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Enlit Asia+ Series

In 2021, Enlit Asia will launch the Enlit Asia+ Series. One day a month, every month, we will provide the opportunity to dive into the technical aspects of topics critical to the development, and success of the ASEAN power sector.

Themes across the year will focus alternately on generation and the grid and include Optimizing Plant Performance, Demand Side & Customer Management, Flexible Generation and Microgrids.

Free to attend, the Enlit Asia+ Series provides the opportunity to share or consume content in multiple formats, from panel discussions and interviews to technical presentations and whitepapers, as well as include the opportunity to host or attend roundtables, all based around a core theme and on a single platform.

Earn CPD points at Enlit Asia+ Series!

All attendees and speakers will be awarded a certificate of participation upon request, which can be submitted to your national engineering association for CPD points approval!


September 28 – 29

Enlit Asia Digital Festival

Your Gateway to the ASEAN Power & Energy Market

Connecting businesses to energy leaders from ASEAN Utilities & IPPs – digitally!

October 28-29

The Future of the Grid

Singapore & Virtual

Key Themes include:
Singapore’s Future Grid Strategy, Global Electrification Trends, Vehicle to Grid and more.


February 23

Grid Modernisation

Topics include:
Distribution automation, Transmission automation solutions, Ancillary services, Asset management, Sensors & Monitoring, Grid-scale ESS

March 25

Optimising Plant Performance

Topics include:
O&M, Digitalisation, Operational Excellence, Asset Management, Performance Monitoring, Emissions

April 22

Demand Side & Customer Management

Topics include:
AMI Implementation, Data analytics, ICT Integration, Demand Forecasting, Demand Response

May 27

Flexible Generation

Topics include:
Cycling Management, Peaking Plants, Ancillary Services, Grid-scale Storage, Digital Technologies

June 22

Distributed Energy Resources & Smart Microgrids

Topics include: DERMS, Energy Storage, Microgrid Controllers & Management Systems, DACS, Virtual Power Plants, Interconnection, Blockchain



July 29

Sustainable Generation & Storage

Topics include: Solar, Wind, Hydro, Waste-to-Energy, Biomass, Hydrogen Nuclear, Energy Storage Solutions



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