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Knowledge Hubs at Enlit Asia are open theatres strategically placed around the exhibition floor. Every Hub will feature technical deep dives into industry new technologies and innovations, digitalisation, and cutting-edge smart solutions, with each stage focused on a specific theme.​

These free-to-attend sessions will guarantee to provide topical insights and knowledge transfer opportunities to both speakers and delegates. View the 4 KEY THEMES covered this year below.

Interested in presenting a technical paper? Call for papers now open!


knowledge hubs

Call for Papers now Open!

Showcase your latest technologies, projects and innovations to the ASEAN power sector

knowledge hubs

The Knowledge Hubs at Enlit Asia welcome papers from Engineers (Specifying, Mechanical, Consulting), Technical & Project Managers, Operators, and end users from across the energy value chain. This is your chance to showcase your latest technologies, projects and innovations to the ASEAN power sector.

Submit an abstract to be considered for a speaking opportunity at Enlit Asia's Knowledge Hub.  

All papers will be reviewed and approved by Enlit Asia 2023 Advisory Board.

Abstract submission deadline is on 23 August 2023.


4 Key Themes at the Knowledge Hubs:

Decarbonising ASEAN: The Role of Clean Energy Technologies

Decarbonising ASEAN: The Role of Clean Energy Technologies

The increased significance of energy independence and security, the race to meet each region's NZE targets, and the rising cost-competitiveness of renewable energy are pushing utilities to decarbonize their energy systems rapidly. As a result, ASEAN is placing significant bets on expediting the transition to low-carbon energy sources by advancing the development and deployment of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and low-carbon technologies. 

With the collective goal of diversifying ASEAN's energy mix, this session will centre on clean energy and zero-carbon energy innovations and technologies that enable Southeast Asia's transition away from fossil fuel dependence. Novel and emerging approaches such CCUS and Hybrid systems will also be addressed in this segment. 

Key topics include: 

  • Biomass and Biogas 
  • Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) 
  • Energy efficiency and demand-side management technologies to reduce energy consumption 
  • Energy storage systems (ESS), such as Batteries (BESS) and Pumped hydropower 
  • Geothermal energy  
  • Hybrid Systems 
  • Hydrogen and Ammonia  
  • Hydropower  
  • Nuclear Power & SMRs
  • Solar and Solar PV systems for power generation
Building a Flexible and Resilient Future Grid  

Building a Flexible and Resilient Future Grid  

ASEAN is on its way to a carbon-free energy system. As a key enabler in accelerating the energy transition, ASEAN's grids have never been more pressured and complex. ASEAN's grid is facing new challenges with the increased share of renewable energy and distributed energy resources entering the system, aging infrastructure and the increased in extreme weather events that continues to pose a risk to the stability of the grid. 

As such, the goal of ensuring a robust and resilient grid infrastructure is presently at the top of the agenda of all regional utilities. This session will deep dive into the enabling technologies that can be adopted to ensure that ASEAN’s grids are resilient and ready so that that energy supply remains consistent and reliable as we accelerate the transition to low-carbon energy systems.   

Come and justify investing in grid modernization, energy storage solutions and advanced grid management technologies that can assist utilities and operators to identify and respond to disruptions or disturbances more quickly and effectively, and to ensure continuity of energy supply and support the integration of renewable energy sources. 

Key topics include: 

  • Advanced Grid Control Systems   
  • AMI and Communication Technologies  
  • Battery Energy Storage (BESS)
  • Data Management   
  • DERMS   
  • Digitalization & Smart grid solutions
  • Electricity Markets, Standards and Regulation 
  • Grid Asset and Risk Management   
  • Grid Edge Technologies 
  • Grid Optimisation  
  • Grid Planning and Forecasting   
  • HVDC Interconnection   
  • Innovative Energy Storage Solutions  
  • Microgrids and Minigrids  
  • Outage Management and Network Restoration   
  • Physical Grid Security and Cybersecurity   
  • Rural Electrification 
Revolutionising Power Generation  

Revolutionising Power Generation  

Cutting-edge technologies are playing a key role in revolutionizing the power generation across Southeast Asia as countries are transitioning towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources to meet their growing power demand and net zero emissions targets. 

While conventional power generation is waning, it is expected that fossil fuels will continue to be a part of the energy mix in Southeast Asian countries in the foreseeable future. As a result, it is essential for countries to consider measures for keeping traditional energy sources competitive amidst the ongoing energy transition, while also exploring solutions that address the impact on the environment. 

This session will highlight the technologies that power generation utilities can employ to enhance the resilience and flexibility of their assets, enabling them to adapt and continue to thrive in the low-carbon energy transition era.

Key topics include: 

  • Asset Optimization and Utilization  
  • Data Management   
  • Digitalisation  
  • Distributed Generation Technologies   
  • Flexible Generation Technologies  
  • Innovations in Plant O&M  
  • Lifecycle Management  
  • Power Plant Retirement   
  • Workforce Change Management   
Digitalisation Enabling the Energy Transition 

Digitalisation Enabling the Energy Transition 

This session is all about digital. From generation, transmission & distribution to retail, digitalization encompasses the entire energy value chain, and is undoubtedly a crucial player in enabling the energy transition. How can energy companies effectively navigate the challenges of energy digitalization during this transition, and leverage enabling digital technologies to achieve their net zero emissions goals? 

Key topics include: 

  • AI and Machine Learning  
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality 
  • Automation 
  • Big Data 
  • Cloud Application 
  • Condition Monitoring  
  • Customer Data and Analytics 
  • Data Analytics 
  • Data Management  
  • Digital Platforms 
  • Digital Workforce and Change Management 
  • Edge Computing 
  • Enterprise Data Analytics  
  • IoT 
  • IT-OT Convergence  
  • Predictive Analytics  
  • Smart Grid Technologies

Call for Papers Timeline

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Call for Papers Timeline

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Our advisors are seeking technical papers that not only demonstrate a deep understanding of challenges posed by the energy transition, but also propose novel solutions that have a tangible impact.  

To capture our attention, be sure to provide an original and strong abstract that clearly defines the problem at hand and offer practical, future-ready and techno-economic solutions that are backed by solid data and research. 

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