20-22 September 2022
BITEC, Thailand
Formerly POWERGEN Asia & Asian Utility Week

Enlit Asia Digital Series

Enlit Asia is your end-to-end knowledge and business platform that addresses every aspect of the Southeast Asian energy transition. In combination with our live event, we are pleased to present our digital offering.

Premium content, live and on-demand! The Enlit Asia digital series consists of interviews, case studies, emails, webinars, and more with leading industry stakeholders. We will provide you with expert opinion and insights on a range of topics relevant to Asia’s energy transition.

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What we Offer:

Our Enlit Asia Digital Series include:

Enlit Asia+ Series

In 2021, Enlit Asia will launch the Enlit Asia+ Series. One day a month, every month, we will provide the opportunity to dive into the technical aspects of topics critical to the development, and success of the ASEAN power sector.

Themes across the year will focus alternately on generation and the grid and include Optimizing Plant Performance, Demand Side & Customer Management, Flexible Generation and Microgrids.

Free to attend, the Enlit Asia+ Series provides the opportunity to share or consume content in multiple formats, from panel discussions and interviews to technical presentations and whitepapers, as well as include the opportunity to host or attend roundtables, all based around a core theme and on a single platform.

Powering Thailand’s Energy Transition

A series consisting of 4 live episodes, covering topics about the future EGAT Governor outline the strategic direction EGAT will take and her investment priorities in the short to medium-term. We will also examine the new businesses EGAT is seeking to develop by exploiting the opening of Thailand’s LNG market, how expertise in providing flexibility in both generation and across the grid is needed to support RE growth, and understand how EGAT seeks to support Thailand’s ambition of becoming South-east Asia’s power-trading middleman.

Indonesia's New Energy Paradigm

A series highlighting PLN’s New Paradigm, the organisation’s latest strategy to drive core areas of Indonesia’s energy transition. The Indonesia’s New Energy Paradigm series provides unique insights and unveils a wealth of opportunities in ASEAN’s largest energy market.

Opening with an exclusive, broad ranging, interview with PLN’s President Director, each subsequent episode will open with an in-depth interview with a senior PLN representative exploring a core pillar of the New Paradigm. This is followed by a deep-dive panel discussion with insights from PLN and senior stakeholders from the Indonesian and international power and electricity sector, exploring the opportunities for investment from both domestic and international players and the role they can play in supporting PLN.

Interview Series

Our content team sits down with industry leaders to discuss the latest trends, developments and issues happening in the sector.

Webinar Series

Enlit leads the way in professional development amongst the industry.

We will provide you with expert opinion and insights on a range of topics relevant to the Southeast Asian power and electricity sectors, from industry forecasts and the impact of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, to successful case studies and technical innovations.

White Papers

Here you can find the latest white papers shared by the industry leaders.

We will provide you with expert opinion and insights on a range of topics relevant to the Southeast Asian power and electricity sectors, from industry forecasts to successful case studies and technical innovations.

Initiate! Interview Series

Here you can find a series of interviews exclusively with the start-ups, investors, entrepreneurs, young professionals, corporate executives and public sector innovators from the around the world.